How to buy a Playstation 2 System

Playstation 2 has sold more than any other video game console in history, more than 110 million systems sold since 2000. Even with these millions of units sold, many people still don't own a PS2 system. If you are one of these people and are looking to buy one, follow these simple directions below to ensure you get a high quality system at a good price.

1. Buy the Slim PStwo - The Playstation 2 came out in an original, larger version initially but a replacement has come out that is more compact and higher quality, the PStwo. The original PS2 system worked well in most cases but was bulky and some systems would lose power in their lasers over time making certain games unplayable. The PStwo system is much more compact than the original plus has a built in Ethernet adaptor or online play. The laser problem in the PStwo has also been fixed so you don't have to worry about the system not being able to read games after extended play.

2. Spend Less than $90 - Slim Playstation 2's are still sold new in stores, but they cost $129.99. If you want to save some money you can find used and refurbished slim PStwo systems for under $90 and the old Playstation 2 is even cheaper (thought be sure to read the paragraph above to make sure you know the differences between the two).

3. Shop Online – Although you can find used PS2 systems in many local game shops, the prices are usually higher in retail locations than online. Almost every video game website carries PS2 systems too since it was so popular. You won't have to look very hard for the system. Ebay can also be a good option if you want to buy games with your Playstation 2 at the same time. Sellers will sell you their entire collection and you can save even more money.

5. Buy Used - Buying used and refurbished systems will save you at least $40. If you buy used games too, that can be two or three extra games you can buy to go along with your system. Just be sure to read step 5 to make sure buying used doesn't hurt you.

5. Buy With a Quality Guarantee – Because the Playstation 2 can have problems reading discs at times, be sure you only shop from a website that guarantees their systems. You don't want to receive the system only to find it doesn't read certain discs and then not be able to get a replacement. Most websites will say they guarantee their items right on the same page you are buying the PS2 system.

Keep these five steps in mind when shopping for your Playstation 2 system and will can start playing all the great games available on the console and save yourself some money in the process.


Anonymous said...

yeah it's a good system.
i have a psp but i really wanted a ps2 aswell although most of the used and refurbished ones don't work like some don't have sound or wont read certain discs but still i don't want to waste that much money. i'd gop with $40-$80
that's worth it!!

IamAce said...

You need to update your pricing on the PS2. It's now $99 in stores new.

Anonymous said...

ps 2 is now $99 in stores and they come with 2 games. so you should update your prices

Kiara said...

I think PS2 is way better than the newest consoles. I love playing Download Games collections in here. If you manage to get one, keep it for good. Its cool having this kind of console.