Ten Must Have Games for Gamecube

Hundreds of games have been released for the Nintendo Gamecube since it's release in 2001. There are so many, that it can be hard to choose which you want to buy for your collection. Below is a list of the top ten must own games for Gamecube and why they should be in your collection.

10. Super Mario Sunshine - The sequel to Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. This game was not as well received as the Mario's first 3D adventure (It's hard to top one of the greatest games of all time) but it was very fun. Mario uses a water pack to levitate and shoot enemies. The best parts of the game though are when Mario's water pack gets stolen and you have to control him like the previous Mario games.

9. Pikmin - A new franchise for Gamecube inspired by Myiamoto's garden. Control huge swarms of tiny plant creatures and throw them at enemies, solve puzzles, and try to rebuild your space ship. This game is very fun and original. Plus you have to beat the game in 30 game days, so the entire adventure has a sense of speed and adrenaline while to try to beat the game fast enough.

8. Zelda Twilight Princess - A mature Link tries to save Princess Zelda from the worlds of dark and light. The second Zelda game for the Gamecube, it has the same graphical style as Ocarina of Time and a more mature story line than Wind Waker (see below). Twilight Princess is the first Zelda game where Link turns into a wolf and can control other animals.

7. Animal Crossing - A very simple, but addicting game. You move into a house in a new town and must get to know the townsfolk while running errands, planting trees, designing t-shirts, and decorating your house. It is like 'The Sims' for PC. I never would have thought running errands could be so fun, but I had to sell this game because I wasn't having enough time to do my real chores.

6. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat - A platforming game using the Gamecube Bongo's as the controller. Run left and right with left and right drumbeats. Jump by hitting both and punch by clapping. The game is short but each level is unique and has different goals to achieve besides just getting to the end. Probably the most unique game released on the Gamecube.

5. Zelda Wind Waker - Many people complained about the graphics on this Zelda game because they were too "kiddie". But the cartoon style really helped you feel Link's emotions because they could be so much more expressive. A very fun adventure, slightly tedious in one section (a giant boat ride across the whole world), but one of the best games for Gamecube.

4. Super Monkey Ball - Roll a monkey inside a ball. That is the basic design of this game, but it is very fun. The single player mode is like a puzzle where you have to get the monkey through a goal without falling off a ledge. But the game really shines in multiplayer mode. Monkey Boxing, Monkey Racing, and best of all Monkey Target. Up to four players can play this at once and will enjoy themselves for hours.

3. Mario Kart Double Dash - A faster, better graphics Mario Kart game plus you control two racers instead of one. Each character has a special weapon only they can receive so picking your combo of riders is very important. Good single player with many varied levels and circuits to beat but like all Mario Kart games multiplayer is the most fun. Race or battle with four players at the same time and you will be entertained for hours with your friends.

2. Super Smash Bros. Melee - A deceptively simple fighting game for the Gamecube. It uses the joystick and two buttons for almost every move. Anyone can pick up and start playing, but experts will learn different combos and "secret" moves to keep them coming back for more. Very deep single player and a four player game that is the best released on the Gamecube. It's the best selling game on the system for a reason!

1. Metroid Prime - The first 3D adventure in the Metroid series of games and it is perfectly executed. Great weapons, thoughtful puzzles, beautiful graphics, and fun game play. My personal favorite game of all time and the highest rated game on the Gamecube. If you like first person shooters or liked the original Metroid games, you will love this game.

With any or all of these ten games in your collection, you should have hours of fun and definitely enjoy your Gamecube purchase.

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Anonymous said...

to tell you guys the truth i dont like the legend of zelda the hole series. but im glad you put mario kart double dash on there ( GREAT GAME!)


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