How to Create Your Own Nintendo 64 Bundle

You decided you are going to buy a Nintendo 64 system but you don’t know what else you need to buy with the system to get the most out of it. What games should you get? How many controllers should you buy? Do you need a memory card, rumble pak, expansion pak? And what are rumble paks and expansion paks? Follow these steps below and you can be sure you get everything you need with your N64 system.

Games – The most important decision after choosing your system is what games to buy. The system is really only an expensive paperweight unless you have some games to play. Most systems will have games that fit your exact likes in the non-gaming world. If you like football, skateboarding, fishing, cars, etc, there are games for all of those hobbies so that is a great place to start looking. Another good way to start is to choose the most popular games for the system. For the Nintendo 64 those would be.

These games aren’t right for everyone so be sure you find out what they are like before adding them to your bundle.

Controllers – The Nintendo 64 system comes with one controller but has slots for four. If you will only be playing by yourself then you won’t need another controller. I recommend everyone have at least two controllers though, because it is nice to have to option to play with friends. If you have friends who play games or are buying Goldeneye or Mario Kart be sure to buy three more controllers. The best times you will have with your system will be with four people all playing at once.

This is a great time to mention that you should only buy Nintendo brand controllers. Many third parties made controllers for the N64 but none of them are as reliable or comfortable as the ones made by Nintendo. You can save a few bucks buying the cheaper controllers, but most likely they will break on you or not be as responsive.

Accessories – There are many other accessories you can get with your Nintendo 64, some of them are nearly essential and others you probably shouldn’t get. The most important accessories to buy are memory cards and the expansion pak. Memory cards are used to save your game progress so you can come back to it later. About half the games require one to save and the other half don’t. The expansion pak increases the graphical capabilities of the Nintendo 64 and some games require it, like Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64.

The main optional accessories for the Nintendo 64 are the rumble pak and gameshark. The rumble pak can be inserted into any controller and will shake when things happen on screen. It adds some realism to the games, but isn’t anything really impressive. The gameshark is a cheating device that allows you to get unlimited lives, invincibility, and other codes for the games you buy. It can be fun to have every weapon and the ability to walk through walls, but you don’t have to have one to enjoy your system.

After going through this list you should be able to choose all the games, controllers, and accessories you need for your Nintendo 64. Now go out and enjoy your new purchase.


Anonymous said...

Nintendo 64 controllers are notorious for having the joystick become worn out and as a result have a large "dead zone" so you have to move the joystick all the way to the side to get any response. Be very careful when buying used, as the large majority of used controllers are worthless because of this, its almost worth buying 3rd party controllers and forgoing comfort in lieu of reliability.

Anonymous said...


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