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Best Video Game Pumpkins & Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween is almost here and many people are carving pumpkins with scary faces to frighten trick-or-treaters. Gamers on the other hand are using their jack-o-lanterns to carve intricate video game themed pumpkins. Below is a collection of the best video game pumpkins I found online.

8 Bit Mario

8 Bit Mario Pumpkin

8 Bit Mega Man

Mega Man Pumpkin

Halo 3

Halo 3 Pumpkin


Cube Pumpkin


Bioshock Pumpkin

Belmont Outside Castlevania

Belmont Castlevania Pumpkin

Mario's Face

Mario's Face Pumpkin

Mario vs Bowser

Mario vs Bowser Pumpkin

Link From Zelda

Link From Zelda Pumpkin

Katamari Face

Katamari Face Pumpkin

Bad Pun - Haloween

Halo-ween Pumpkin

PacMan and Ghost

Pacman and Ghost Pumpkin


Okami Pumpkin

Mortal Kombat Finishing Move

Mortal Kombat Pumpkin


Metroid Pumpkin

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Pumpkin

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus Pumpkin

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

Red Ring of Death Pumpkin


Portal Pumpkin


Pikachu Pumpkin

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Pumpkin


Stormrage Pumpkin


Samus Pumpkin


BoBomb Pumpkin

The sources for these pumpkin images are not listed because each pumpkin can be found on multiple sites. I have no idea who created these pumpkins originally. I am simply showing the ones I think are the best. If you created one of these pumpkins, let me know and we can link to you as the source.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you quoted the source of these images. Ah, it's called plagarism

Anonymous said...

Anon agrees

Anonymous said...

much of that is photoshopped, unfortunately. thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the reflections are all wrong!111one

Anonymous said...

The mortal combat one makes me lol

Tepster said...

I love the pumpkin with Mario's face! A-dorable.

joshyMinor said...

Wow that is truly amazing! Excellent picks


Anonymous said...

Anon 1 is right, just because it's the internet doesn't mean standards should be dismissed. Besides, I want to see more, but now I have no way to get to those sites.

Anon 2, Anon 1 was sarcastic, your the one coming off as a prick.

JJ Hendricks said...

I had to delete some of these comments for language. Let's try to keep it clean.

In terms of sourcing the images, I understand your concerns. Most of these images are on so many different websites already that finding the original source is very difficult.

If you created one of these, please let me know and I will gladly add a link to your original post. You can email me using the 'contact us' link.

anonymous girl said...

None of the pictures are photoshopped. They probably appear that way because either you don't carve pumpkins often, or because you don't know techniques when carving them. Many of the images featured shaved pumpkins where the skin has been removed in varying layers. This allows for some skin to be left behind and create a multitude of depths of light transparency.

Mike said...

the belmont castle is actually just a design on a pumpkin carving cd for kids and does not actually have anything to do with castlevania. I know cuz I helped my niece carve the same one last year

Anonymous said...

You can find alternate sources for many of these pics using TinEye (www.tineye.com). For example the WOW pumpkin can be found in this series from Wired http://wired.reddit.com/geekolanterns/?offset=25#top

Free Xbox 360 Sytem said...

Wow, some of those are really amazing. I wish I could carve pumpkins like that.

Anonymous said...

Check this out one...

Pumpkin Hero


Anonymous said...

umm that Stormrage one is actually that mofo from WoW Burning Crusade

Zaerion said...

ya... his name is illidan stormrage

Chagall said...

The Stormrage one is from Blizzard's World of Warcraft Pumpkin contest from last year

Roy said...


no its not, because its my pumpkin. I submitted it last year but blizzard picked that guys pumpkin instead of mine =/

John said...

Wow, way to completely rip off a bunch of images and call them your own. By the way, the Mortal Kombat pumpkin has nothing to do with a game. It was stolen from Extreme Pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

@ John + others
Yeah, there should be sources, but no where on this page does the writter say HEY, THESE?!? I DID EM.
It's a COLLECTION. It's cool to see them, take it for what it is. and if its your pumpkin, as stated above he/she would be glad to credit you.
Save your seriousness for, oh, say, reality.

Zaerion said...

in addition, the author commented that if anyone knew who did these or if they did them to let him know and he would credit them for the work.

JJ Hendricks said...

John - I never claimed the pumpkins were my own. This is a collection of pumpkin images that I think are the best.

If someone created one of the pumpkins, please contact me and I will add you as the creator.

TerpDX said...

Great collection. Thanks for putting it together. Hopefully you realize that 99% of the people visiting the site enjoy what we see, but you'll unfortunately always hear from the 1% who invariably feel compelled to leave their "Fake/Photoshopped/Ripoff/Re-post" comments. I wish there were someway to get them labeled offically as "Internet Naysayers" and have their posting privileges stripped away.

jake said...

wow a lot of these people are Aholes. this dude isnt claiming this work as his own. when he says you can find them on multiple sites, it means you can probably go on goolae, image search it with a description, and find it. you dont bitch at google for image results. dont bitch about this.

besides, he said if you did one, let him know so he CAN source it.

Roy said...

a lot of them are from joystiq's 2007 pumpkin carving contest.


Anonymous said...

Pac-Man pumpkin carving! Complete with normal/scaredy cat ghosts and cherry!

Anonymous said...

Pac-Man Pumpkin!

chrissy said...

Love it!

ed d said...

i made all of these pumpkins
quote me

Golyn said...

Or how about our Warhammer Online Waaagggh-O-Lantern at Harbingers of Light?


Anonymous said...

Solid Snake pumpkin:


Mark said...

Great collection of pics!

Since I seriously doubt any of the people who carved these were doing it to sell pictures of the pumpkins for money people should not cry about you reposting these pictures here. Just reporting a picture of a product/item isn't theft.

Anonymous said...

That mortal combat one is just from a pumpkin carving magazine, not really original if you ask me.

coffeewoman said...

Wow, you guys really need something better to do than to flame on this. All he did was try to provide a bit of entertainment, mentioned that he didn't have the original sites and put out a call to have people give him sources if they knew them. What in the world do you people want? It's a blog about nifty carved pumpkins, that's it. Try a little perspective, why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Awesome collection!

David said...

Very nice. I appreciate you spreading the pumpkin love.

Bafitis said...


Here you can find a few very nicely done pumpkins... They feature the Silhouette of Tex Murphy from the old Tex Murphy games that came out in the 90s...

Here is a direct link to the Thread in the Forum where the Pumpkin Pictures are located...


As for the Pumpkins being Photoshopped like I see some have suggested, I do not believe they are...
Carving Pumpkins is rather easy if you take your time and have patience... Sometimes you might have to go through 3 or 4 Pumpkins before you get it right, but it's rather easy once you get the hang of it...

Anonymous said...

Cube = companion cube from Portal

Anonymous said...

Waaaa...pumpkin credit... waaaaaaaaaa. :(


Anonymous said...

are you people kidding me?! he just threw together a list of pumpkins he liked and thought you would enjoy! hes not saying that he made these or even that he took the pictures!some people's stupidity really confounds me sometimes...

Anonymous said...

wow! the warcraft one is awesome!

Dreadvenom said...

So many people care so much about whether these were stolen images or not. Who really cares whatsoever? I know I aint a nerd enough to care about such a thing as to whether or not the images were taken from other areas of the internet. Just look at the pictures and enjoy how difficult it must have been to create them.

Dreams said...

I have to say that the mortal combat pumpkin is the best!

Kaynil said...

very enjoyable ^___^
Thank you very much for sharing them.

Fokx said...

Hehe these are all great, thanks for putting them up. Sheesh people are so irritating lmfao just 'cause you can put big words together doesn't mean you go around on the web and make accusations with them. Though.. I don't think photoshopped is a word yet but it needs to be xP

Johnny 5 said...

I really hate it when ppl come in and start accusing the pictures of being Photoshopped, when the obviously aren't DO YOUR RESEARCH!! but These are awesome pumpkins, i should do some like these this year ^.^

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! Loved the carving.

Faisal said...

i want few of these pumpkins to keep them in my room

Video Game Accessories said...

Wow, fantastic video game.

Ms Ave T. said...

whoever that did this work is insanely creative!!!! thumbs up!


zeek said...

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The Temporal Guardian said...

I really like the Companion Cube from Portal!


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