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Top Ten Video Game T-Shirts

We don't sell t-shirts here at JJGames.com but I definitely wear them. About half of my wardrobe consists of video game shirts of various kinds. Here are the ten best t-shirts I have found.

The Last Supper

This shirt makes me laugh every time. Pac-man, Blinky, and dinner. How can it not be funny?

You Died of Dysentery

Dysentery is no laughing matter. I lost more sons and daughters to it in Oregon Trail than I care to remember. Poor John Boy, made it all the way to the Dallas before dying.

Katamari and Elephant

I'm not sure why I like this tshirt so much. Maybe its knowing that the little guy is going to roll over the elephant once his Katamari gets big enough.

Cowbell Hero

Please, Please, Please ad a Cowbell mini game to Guitar Hero III. Blue Oyster Cult and Will Farrell will be so happy.

Contra Code

Forever ingrained into my brain. Why can't I stop saying this in my sleep!!!

Let It Bii

Two of my favorite things in one t-shirt: the Beatles and Wii. I own the album and the Mii's look pretty good too.

Bleeding Thumbs

I definitely know the feeling.

Gamers Against Anorexia

Gamers are doing there part to fight Anorexia. What about everyone else? Won't they think of the children!!

Nintendo Family Tree

So is the Virtual Boy like that Uncle that nobody talks to at the family reunion?

Donkey Kong

Everyone likes to get it on like Donkey Kong every now and then.

Here's an honorable mention. Plus one that you can't buy anywhere, but is my favorite in my personal collection.

Bald Bull

I just love Punch-Out so I had to include this one.

"I've Got More Swag Than You"

Not the best of pictures, but I got this at E3 one year. I don't think it was ever sold to the public.

Let me know some cool shirts you've seen by commenting below. I'm sure I didn't find all the best one out there.

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Anonymous said...

great list. thanks for putting that together.

mndrix said...

Great list. I love the Oregon Trail shirt.

Casually said...

Some great shirts there but some rubbish too. You should add some shirts from www.casuallyhardcore.net to your list. They do some awesome video game clothing.

Kiara said...

Great lists of games you got there. I love wearing personalized shirts and I will try getting my Download Games printed on my shirts too. Cool!

Video Game Schwag said...

I love these shirts! Gamers against anorexia is particularly hilarious...looks like a nerdy rendition of the Godfather silhouette ;)

Stockton Killby said...

I'd always recommend Insert Coin for awesome gaming tees - www.insertcoinclothing.com.

They do subtle, stylish designs that are cool and geeky, but without being too OTT.


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